20% discount for you today

It is certainly a day that we all are delighted.

It is not not because it is a Sunday, it is because it is a day you can save 20% cost from the items you are going to purchase.

Drop in and see what we can do.

Take note of the opening hours:

18 hours to 21 hours.

You can make an appointment with us too for the visiting hours.

We are especially welcoming the scouters to discuss about Esperanto scout movement in Penang.




我们有全球限量版的世界语 Esperanto T恤,如果您喜欢收集限量版产品,欢迎前来参观。如果您的孩子是童军,在考取技术章的兴趣章,也可以前来收集一些纪念品。





由于遇上全球的新冠病疫情的影响,我们休息超过了 半年。


为了庆祝小店营业一周年,所有的产品都享有20% 的 打折。本店的产品不多,都是全球限量版。有收集纪念品的朋友,可以开始注意我们的产品。从T 恤到世界语童军活动咨询都可以。

20.12.20 是一周年的活动日子,只限一天的打折活动。


20.12.20 special sale

As we are in 1 year operation. We would like to offer a 20% discount on all items.

You are welcome to pick the world limited edition of Esperanto T shirts. There are also pin-batches in various languages, Esperanto, English, Malay,Chinese and even Esperanto scout pin-batches too. If you were a scout and preparing for the Hobby skill batch testing, you can come to our eta vendejo to pick some limited items.

A few volunteers are into the scouting area, they can help you to prepare for the recana kegermaran pengakap kanak-kanak or pemuda. Take a look of the batches you can take to fulfill the caterogy of hobby skill batch.


Meet on the 20th of December , 2020.

Closing of Libera Evento Resources

Here is to inform you that, Libera Eevento Resources is permanently closed due to the Covid19.

It is a regret that the company served nothing to the community as there is no one in Malaysia keen to participate in the Esperanto activities.

Esperanto is recommended by UNESCO and UNWTO.

You can download the resolution of 1985 from UNESCO official website, which called the international NGOS to use Esperanto thus to eradicate the world illiteracy.

Once again thank you very much.